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Why British Football School?

Our football school offers children the opportunity to practice performance sports in the best conditions with British coaches, UEFA qualified. We aim to give young footballers an education based on principles and techniques, on cultural exchanges that will help them learn English in a native way. Our goal is to train performance athletes and promote them both domestically and internationally.

We Welcome Everyone, Boys and Girls

It doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl, we welcome you, beginner to advanced, aged 3-14.

UEFA Qualified Coaches

Our trainers are British and officially UEFA qualified.

Safe, Educational and Fun Sessions

Our training sessions are designed to develop football skills and teamwork.

Helsinki Finland

Holiday Camps

Ages 4 – 17   |   3 Camps

British Football School have created a specific education programme to provide quality training aimed at children from 6 – 14 years of age.

The training sessions incorporate fun, fast moving games that enable your child to enjoy the ultimate football camp experience regardless of their ability. We ensure that the children will have a fantastic experience of playing football, learning new games and skills, meeting new friends and having lots fun whilst doing so. We promise that our pupils will leave knowing that our holiday camps are the best in the land.

Hear it from our
Happy Football Students!

The coaches are well organized and the training sessions are well balanced between skill development and team work. But most importantly, the children have FUN! My boy is always enthusiastic and keen to get to each training session!
Dino Vikas
Thank you to all the trainers. The values and principles taught to the children are just what is needed for us. A truly international and nice environment to learn in. You guys are doing a brilliant job!
Slava Krasteva
I can’t say enough good things about the British Football School. They are professional, courteous, and well versed in the art of football. With professionally trained coaches, they are courteous and well versed in the art of football. The groups are truly international so it seemed like a perfect fit since my son is both American and Russian and just starting out his football career! They regularly give updates on my child’s progress and keep the groups small enough to be able to provide individual attention to each child. I, along with many parents, would recommend the British Football School to any parent who wants their kid to play football, regardless of their child’s level.
Dan Repko
I think that trainings are well structured. Coaches are experienced and they know how to involve and motivate children. That my child enjoys the experience every time!
Marta Tittarelli
I am very happy that my kids are able to learn how to play football in a very healthy environment as well as sessions taught in proper English.
Stephanie Viguier
Our 4 year old twins, Andreas and Mathias, started training with BFS when they were 3. We chose real professional coaches, as we wanted our boys’ first soccer experience to be a quality one! They absolutely loved it! It focused their abundant energy and provided them with much needed structure and limits! They enjoyed receiving their BFS uniforms and looked forward to their periodic sessions. As parents, we were happy to see that our overactive boys listened to the coach’s instructions as they learned to be more disciplined with every training session. We highly recommend this program!
Raluca Focsaneanu
My son participated in team trainings and was trained by British Football School. The experience was just fantastic! Not only the team members had a great time, above all, they had learned so much!
Katya Navarette
My son developed a strong sense of fair play, self-confidence and above all, had an enormous amount of fun while improving his skills.
Tracy McAdam
My son participated in British Football School training more than two years. He enjoyed it very much and always got a lot of good findings from it. In particular, although he did not have any opportunity to communicate in English at his school, he made a lot of friends around the world who enjoy football together. Also, British Football School organises friendly matches with local teams on Saturdays. This is a good opportunity for him to try what he learns at Sunday trainings.
Jumpei Aoki
My son has been training at the British Football School sessions. The weekend training is very appropriate (time and location wise) and will supplement my son’s football development at his school football club.
Rodolfo D. Abenoja
I like how they speak with, play with, teach, encourage and support children of different ages to develop their abilities, to understand what team work and fair play means and to enjoy playing football.
Eunseong Kim
British Football School is a school that teaches teamsmanship, it teaches all the values that children need to be successful in life and they have fun at the same time.
Maggie Ghirhum
The concept is different (in a good way) from other football schools available. The training approach centered on child progress, not only football skills, but also behavior, attitude, soft skills. My kids are happy, so am I then!
Celine Pallancher
I love that you build the kids self esteem and that the coaches really seem to like being around children, the kids pick up on that. You guys are doing a brilliant job!
Cecilia Claesson
The way of teaching kids respect and the feeling to be part of a team - these are key values to offer my son and I am happy he participates in practices with British Football School.
Mario Dietrich
The results are good. Firstly, Dads like that their kids improve in football, while Mums like that English is also improving.
Vlad Pisarev
I love that all the trainers have a good balance here, like having fun but also have a very good practice.
Madga Malysz
Excellent, professional, friendly and enjoyable for the children. My children were engaging in the well delivered training sessions.
Debbie Stowe
You're cool! Great coaches and kids. A great combination of fun and football. We really love BFS!
Katerina Danilova

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